Kirkland, Arizona


Historical Information

Herb & Barbara Carabeo welcome you to the Kirkland Bar, Hotel and Restaurant. It is an historical building with an exciting and colorful past.

Originally built in 1863, this property was well known as the Wells Fargo Stage stop by 1870.  Still intact is an 1880 Wells Fargo safe. When the building was rebuilt after a fire, the concrete walls were built around the safe. Rumors say that in 1880 it was a bordello. In 1905 the building then became The Railroad Hotel. In 1912 it became the Hasefeld Mercantile/Bar/Cafe.  Now the good folk could buy their canned goods, flour, bullets, clothing, and a steak meal complete with a shot of whiskey before they spent the night (or the proverbial hour). In 1922 the wood building burnt to the ground!  All that was left was a huge hole, a staircase, dumbwaiter, and the safe.  Not to be deterred, Mr. Hasefeld rebuilt the following year complete with 12″ concrete walls and 10″ concrete floors (no messing around any longer with Mother Nature!).  

And so it went for about the next 60 years with various owners at various times using the building as offices, a theatre, a cafe, a bar, and whatever else they came up with.

The building was registered in October of 1998 as a "National Historic Site." The handsome historical plaque is on display in the bar area.

Herb and Barb purchased the building in 1992. Herb continuously spends many painstaking hours renovating and updating the building. With numerous improvements, the restaurant they have acquired and maintain has earned the reputation of the "Best Food in the Area."


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